Aluminum facades with glazing ensure modern design, elegant appearance and maximum natural lighting of rooms. Stikla dizaina grupa Ltd. develops, manufactures and installs facade constructions of various kinds and of any complexity.

Mullion / transom facade system. The most proven type of facade glazing system. The construction consists of vertical support members to which horizontal crossbars are mounted. Advantages of mullion / transom system: easy installation and relatively inexpensive cost of structure.

Structural glazing facade system. Aluminum profiles are not used on the outer part of the structure, that`s why hereby outside of the facade looks like all-glass plate. The building's facade is smooth, has no gaps or cracks, is not clogged with dust and dirt, thereby improving the performance characteristic of the facade as a whole. To implement complicated projects in the construction, it is more likely to use a structural glazing system.

Spider glazing system. The main difference is the lack of base frames between the panels. Glass is attached to the steel bracket (spider) by fasteners through openings. With a variety of shapes and sizes of spider, glazing can be performed by jointing at any angle without losing the uniform load. Advantages of this system:  fast installation and maximum permissible possibility of penetration of sunlight.